Why are container conversions becoming more popular?

You might be asking yourself what the uses of containers are with a lot of container conversions going around nowadays. Containers were initially intended for storage and moving goods; but people now have different purposes for them, depending on their needs. PD Nixon containers specialize in sales, rentals and container conversions. 

Shipping containers were initially manufactured for self storage but they can now be used and converted into anything from art galleries, internet café, and retail building to office container facilities. Looking into transporting a container and not sure what you’ll transport it with, PD Nixon Containers is here to help, with a 15 years container transporting experience to suits your budget and needs.

PD Nixon Containers does not only transport containers for you, but they’re also able to convert them into what you wish them to be; they invent a container from nothing to something using just the right tools and experience. They do custom made containers for a client’s choice for any type of container with custom flooring and interior modification. The biggest benefit of choosing a customized container is that; it contains your own design, it’s convenient and modified.  

If you’re renovating or moving, a storage container is a great idea! It can be used for short and long term purposes which comes with a padlock, 24/7 security and uncapped access control with a monthly minimum amount. You can also rent a container for a minimum of a month and get it delivered within two days. PD Nixon Containers has truck cranes that are able to transport sales or rental container anywhere in South Africa. 

If you are in need of additional space to either lease or buy, contact PD Nixon Containers on 010 593 7099.

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