Some of the most creative custom containers

Containers don’t solely serve the purpose of being storage and moving goods container; people are now seeing them as more than that, taking liberty in modifying them to suit their needs. Customized containers are attractive, user friendly with an extra height. Any type of container can be converted into a structure and design of your choice. 

All containers are designed at PD Nixon Containersprior to delivery. This is to insure you don’t deal with the noise pollution caused when designing it. The custom containers are built to your exact specification and equipped with the necessary needs and once your custom container is ready, it will be delivered to you on a communicated day. If a single container has less space than you require, we have the ability and capacity to combine containers.

Benefits of custom container:

  • Portable: the structure is mobile and can easily be transported to a location suitable for you.

  • Affordable: you don’t need to build a structure from scratch, you use what you have and customize a structure out of it which is less costly. 

  • Strong and durable: the structure is lasting and cannot easily be destroyed by disasters.

  • Convenient: It comes fully furnitured so you don’t have to do the extra work.

Types of custom containers and what they can be furniture with:

  • Office container: desks, chairs and air conditioner.

  • Event space container: refrigerator, bar and electricity wiring.

  • Library container: Shelves, electric wiring and artwork.

  • Internet café container: electric wiring, desks and chairs.

  • Restaurant container: a refrigerator, air conditioner and electric wiring.

All containers are supplied in good condition, ensuring there are no holes and leaks. PD Nixon uses their fleet cranes and qualified drivers to transport custom containers for an affordable rate. Get a quote for your custom container requirements from PD NIXON Containers today, 011 421 9370.


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