Does it Make Sense To Hire a Container

Thinking about your next storing solution? Hired containers are great to add space to your home or business. Hired containers are safe, mobile and can be used to store anything. They can be most effective for storing furniture when renovating and relocating. Why buy one when you can hire one from PD NIXON CONTAINERS?

Our containers for hire can be rented for a short or longer period of time. Containers come in standard rage customization to provide you with solutions that meet your requirements. This is a convenient way to store all your goods.

PD NIXON CONTAINERS has containers for hire with an effective hire solution at an affordablelow budget. The containers come in good conditions, already inspected for any leaks and holes. Our containers are often repainted to ensure they don’t rust and make it a perfect and secure storage. If you need any accessories to be added to customise your hired container, we’d gladly assist at a cost effective solution. 

Reasons to hire a container:

  • Mobile: a container can be transported to any location with no hassles

  • Safe and secure: it can safely store any valuable while being kept under 24 hours surveillance. A containers can withstand any weather condition, it can even store a car during stormy weather 

  • Customised: our containers can be customised to suit your needs with different colours and sizes 

  • Cost effective: you spend less money on hiring than building a store room from scratch and it has many uses

PD NIXON CONTAINERS offers a delivery service with our fleet crane that delivers anywhere so you don’t have to worry how your hired container will be transported. Hired containers can either be transformed in office site containers, kitchens and pop up kitchens with a touch of creativity. 

In addition to our containers for hire, we also specialise in container conversations. Kindly forward us your specification for a quote.

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