Container Rentals

Container Rentals

At PD Nixon Containers we provide 3m, 6m and 12m containers on a rental basis. Rental of containers is signed for a minimum of one month. Our reefer containers rentals are a minimum of 14 days.

Rental lease agreement forms need to be completed and signed. One month of rent with the transport must to be paid in full and we will deliver within 2 days.

PD Nixon Containers has a top quality range of containers which includes:

  • 3m Storage containers
  • 6m Storage containers
  • 12m Storage containers
  • 6m Basic office containers
  • 6m Executive office containers
  • 6m Accommodation containers
  • 6m Ablution container
  • 6m Canteen container
  • 6m Shelving containers
  • 12m Shelving containers

We also offer transport service to deliver our rental containers.(As mentioned under Container Transport.)

If you looking for quality container, contact PD Nixon Containers today.

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