Benefits of Refrigerated Containers

It’s no secret that containers play a crucial role in storage for individuals and businesses alike. They offer affordable and customisable alternatives to traditional storage solutions and are handy for creating makeshift housing. Their customisable nature adds a multi-purpose dynamic to them that has countless applications, such as portable cold storage units.

Refrigerated containers (also known as reefers) were introduced in the 1960s. They revolutionised the way humans transported meat, veggies and other frozen goods across long distances. We’ll be looking at the benefits of these handy storage units (besides having a chill area for hot summer days).


  1. 1.      Perfect cold storage units for events

If you’re in event management, you’ll know how hard it is to store frozen/chilled foods for your event using small refrigeration units. Reefers give you a much-needed alternative to those smaller and insufficient units.


  1. 2.      Cost effective refrigerated storage

Reefers can be configured to store different goods at different temperatures. One reefer can store both frozen and chilled goods at the same time. This allows you to save some money at the cost of whichever power supply you’re using.


  1. 3.      Efficient seasonal harvest and overflow storage

For farmers, reliable storage is essential all year round and invaluable during the harvesting season. When there’s an overflow of crops, reefers are an affordable option for cold storage since they’re portable and rentable.


  1. 4.      Modular nature

Reefers are modular and portable, which means that if you run out of storage space you can simply add another unit above or next to the one that’s filled. Because of this, reefers are the perfect solution for cold storage.


  1. 5.      Highly resistant to the elements

Reefers are designed to withstand harsh maritime weathers and conditions. They’re weather-proof, tamper-proof and highly resistant to harsh elements.

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