5 Tips on how to maintain your container

Containers are relatively expensive investments to undertake. It isimportant that specific maintenance be paid attention to in terms of keeping the container in pristine condition. 

PD Nixon Containers extends the following 5 Tips to maintain your container: 

  1. Keep the container in a cool, dry environment 

Containers are susceptible to rust and corrosion if kept in a wet environment where rain might infiltrate the container. 

  1. Sandblast or Galvanise the container 

By utilising a sandblasting or galvanising technique, it would enhance the maintenance and aesthetic appeal of the container. 

  1. Seal and paint the container 

Once the sandblasting or galvanisation has been completed on the container, it isimportant to seal and paint the container with a reliable paint, with anti-corrosive properties. 

  1. Inspect and remove particles and debris 

By inspecting the container on a regular basis, the chances of the container being replaced altogether are reduced. 

  1. Prevent rust from accumulating on the container

The main factor that diminishes the container functionality and appearance is the actual rust accumulation. 

Contact PD Nixon Containers for more information regarding the maintenance and upkeep of your container.

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