5 New Container Conversion Trends

Containers have the ability to be transformed into a versatile range of functions for various contexts. PD Nixon Containers ensures versatility to a large extent by extending various shapes, makes and sizes of containers. 

The superior quality value containers include the following specifications: 

  • 3m Storage containers

  • 6m Storage containers

  • 12m Storage containers

  • 6m Basic office containers

  • 6m Executive office containers

  • 6m Accommodation containers

  • 6m Ablution container

  • 6m Canteen container

  • 6m Shelving containers

  • 12m Shelving containers

  • 6m Reefer containers

  • 12m Reefer containers

In addition to the above specifications, PD Nixon Containers ensures a sense of customisation at an affordable rate. One of the main reasons of the customisation capabilities is the essence of space, creative designs and solutions driven specifications. 

While many trends continue to grow in leaps and bounds in the container conversion industry, here are 5 creative container conversion trends to keep a look-out for: 

  1. Real estate purposes for investment

  2. Modernised Prefab Container Homes 

  3. Garden aesthetic appeal for landscaping

  4. Insulation and natural ventilation for homes

  5. Retail and marketing purposes for pop-up stores and commercialised areas

Contact PD Nixon for more trendsetting ideas incontainer conversion.

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