3 Tips on how to prevent your Container from Rusting

Containers are susceptible to wear and tear as well as corrosive properties that deteriorate the container over time. PD Nixon Containers are passionate about providing the highest calibre of containers that are durable. 

Here are 3 Tips to prevent your container from rusting: 

  1. Remove the container from continuous exposure to the elements 

Aspects such as harsh ultra violet rays can harm the container in a sense that the container will diminish invalue. Exposure to harsh winds also creates dings and dents in the container. It isadvisable to place the container in a cool, dry place. 

  1. Understand which kind of rust affects your specific container 

There are two types of rust that affects containers, namely structural and non-structural. The former can be treated easily, while structural rust tends to go beyond the surface level and can reduce the containers integrity and strength. 

  1. Maintenance:Rust Protection 

Regular inspection tends to reduce the costs of replacing the container altogether. Look for any standing water on the ground and the roof. Special attention should be placed around the visual inspection in terms of the dents, which can infiltrate the container to a large extent. 

Contact PD Nixon Containers for more tips and tricks to keep your container in pristine condition.

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